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Bachelorette Party - Bachelorette Parties

bachelorette party limouisne We folks at Boston Limousine want to be the ones to take you to and from your bachelorette party. We want to be the ones to wisk you around the City of Boston, along the beach on the Cape, or up along the boardwalk on Cape Ann.

A bachelorette party is held for a woman who is about to be married. This party is called a hen party in the UK, but is almost always referred to as a bachelorette party in the US. Most or all involved in the bachelorette party are females, although gay friends of the bride may be included. Just like the guys, girls often go to the strip clubs to look at nude males. Sometimes the bachelorette party is held at home and they play games like the pamper party, compare different women's lingerie and look at sex toys. Other bachelorette party games played are "Truth or Dare", "Consequences", and "Pass the Balloon." These games are meant to be funny, and give the women there a chance to let loose. There are even companies that sell products to be used at bachelorette parties. These companies sell products like 'fur lined handcuffs", "pinatoes", adult toys, "willy whistles", bachelorette Lei Bachelorette veils, bachelorette sparkle Tiaras, and party hats.

Some bachelorette parties include a trip into the city for some fun under the skylight, and maybe a little dancing at the clubs. Some girls come to the clubs to do a little dancing amongst themselves and maybe do a little flirting before making the big commitment. While the term bachelorette party and bachelor party conjure up the image of young strippers, in fact less than 25% of all bachelorette parties include a male stripper. Most bachelorette parties include drinks, gossip and adult games.

boston bachelorette party Instead of choosing a stripper for bachelorette party entertainment, ladies often prefer activities such as a bar tour or an erotically themed scavenger hunt. A common bachelorette party scavenger hunt is a game where certain adult themed toys are scattered in various hiding places around the house where the girls playing will have to find them. In a bachelorette party car tour, the bride to be is dressed in such a way that all the guys at the bar immediately recognize her as the bachelorette about to be married. She will often be wearing a mock wedding veil and a tee shirt, which is to be signed by the guys that they come across that night. The bride to be and other girls are usually quite drunk by the end of the evening, as the guys they meet in the bars buy them a lot of drinks. At Boston Limousine we want to make your night worry free. We will be there to pick you up from your bar tour and give you a safe ride home. In Boston in the late spring and summer, it is not uncommon to see several bachelorette parties on the same night on the warm days.

Some games the girls play at home bachelorette parties are described below:
  • Truth or Dare - Truth or Dare is played by two or more people and starts with one player asking another "truth or dare". If the player answers "truth" then they must answer any embarrassing question that is asked of them. If the player answers "dare", they must engage in some type of embarrassing behavior, all in good fun.
  • Pass the Balloon - Balloons are fun because they are cheap and easily disposable and are great for parties. In this game, a balloon is filled up with water is passed around from person to person without using their hands.
We hope to be there to make your bachelorette party both fun and safe. Wherever you final destination may be, we want to be the ones to bring your home safe and sound.

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